My Top 4 Must-See Documentaries

Who doesn’t love a good movie paired with popcorn (with Earth Balance and nutritional yeast!)? Today was a gray, stormy day on Kauai, which always makes me want to curl up on the couch with the cats and my hubby and watch a movie. I especially love movies that inspire me to live a better life.

The films below will help you to learn more about where our food comes from, what we’re really eating, and the health of the world we live in. They’ve made a big impact on my life and I hope they do the same for you.


Forks Over Knives
Learn how the standard American diet is killing our country, and how we can avoid major illness and reverse degenerative disease by healing ourselves with food.



If you care about the environment, try to conserve water, recycle, or minimize your footprint, Cowspiracy will give you a full view into the most destructive industry facing the planet today and how you can make the biggest impact.



If you are an animal lover, this is a powerful documentary about how animals are treated in our society today. You can watch it for free on


Food Matters
Important information about the lack of nutrition and potential cancer-causing substances in food and their correlation to other diseases, such as diabetes and depression.

Share any other movies you’ve seen that have made an impact on your life in the comments below!